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The CrossFit Open

The CrossFit Geneva program is centered around preparing to participate in the CrossFit Open competition every March. The CrossFit Open is a 5 week, worldwide online challenge and is the preliminary stage of competition for The CrossFit Games. There is no qualification process, just $20 and sign up. Each week, a workout is issued online and each participant has 4 days to do the workout and submit their score. Workouts may be done from anywhere as long as a video of the performance is also submitted. A participant may also choose to do the workout at a registered CrossFit affiliate of which there are thousands to choose from worldwide.

The Swiss Team Challenge

As part of the CrossFit community in Switzerland, CrossFit Geneva participates in the Swiss Team Challenge every June. This challenge started in 2009 with two affiliates and has grown each year, where there were close to forty affiliates participating in 2015. There are several objectives for this challenge. The first is FUN! Second is to provide another opportunity for competition throughout the year. Third, it is a competition where a person can participate at their home CrossFit affiliate, eliminating the need for travel. Fourth is to encourage participation and the spirit of healthy competition at each affiliate. Lastly, each person can help represent their home affiliate in their quest for bragging rights for at least one year as the top affiliate in Switzerland, by winning the Swiss Team Challenge trophy.

As the name states, this is a team challenge, consisting of 4 team members where there is at least one male and one female on each team. Each affiliate may have as many teams as they wish. One week, before the challenge, the workout events are issued online to allow for some practice time. However the workouts may only be performed and posted on the day of the Challenge. The exact day of the Challenge varies year to year as they are put to a vote, but always in June. There are several events in order to test as wide a range of fitness as possible and to keep within the CrossFit spirit. This is a one day challenge, so it may take a few hours to complete, so it also turns into a fitness festival at each affiliate. In the end everyone wins, because of the shared experience of working toward a team goal.
The Basics

Air Squats
Push Ups
Pull Ups
Sits Ups
Jump Rope
Broad Jump
Vertical Jump

Athletic Fitness Portfolio

From the moment CrossFit Geneva was opened, it was very clear that athletes needed a "beginner's" program before venturing into classic CrossFit "benchmark" workouts, so the "athletic" fitness portfolio was developed.

The "athletic" fitness portfolio is the cornerstone of the CrossFit Geneva program, with a focus on strength, mobility, endurance and skill. It is comprised of measurements of absolute strength in the classic lifts, absolute speed in the classic running sprint distances and one minute endurance of the classic bodyweight movements.

The Team Effort

It takes a village to build an athlete!

At CrossFit Geneva, everything is a team effort. If you are not lifting, you are spotting or you are recording data on the whiteboard. Everyone is encouraged to encourage. If you are sharing a squat rack, you need to know your training partner's rest interval as well as your own. If you are doing push ups with another person, you will not just rest and drink water when the other person is going, you will help count repetitions, believe it! Everybody in the room shares in the collective victories and defeats in every workout. In life, it takes a village to raise a child. It takes CrossFit Geneva to build an athlete.

Try the open
At CrossFit Geneva, there are a few reasons to try "The Open". First, it provides a deadline in which to prepare for. Second, it is an opportunity for a person to compete against the best in the world of a given sport, and CrossFit is a sport. Third, It is a fun way for a person to compare their fitness level against others their age, others in their area and friends near and far without the logistical problem of travel, so it is convenient. Last but not least, a person can be part of the excitement and worlwide community that has been created through CrossFit.
The Process

The CrossFit Geneva athlete development process starts with the Athletic Fitness Portfolio. As a team, as a village, we work to raise the baseline fitness levels of the collective group in the quest to become CrossFit!

The Basics

Pro Agility Shuttle
40 Yard Dash
100 Meters Dash
200 Meters Dash
400 Meters Dash
800 Meters Run
1 Mille Run

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The Basics

Bench Press
Front Squat
Back Squat
Overhead Squat
Clean & Jerk
The Swiss Team Challenge

Now that you represented yourself in the open, now it's time tou represent your gym in the Swiss Team Challenge.

Carlos L. Cuadras currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland with his wife, Romy, who was the inspirational factor in his decision to move "across the pond" in 2009.

The Transition
Once an adequate strength and endurance foundation is built with the "Athletic Fitness Portfolio", it is now time to transition into trying classic CrossFit "benchmark" workouts and ultimately "The CrossFit Open".

The CrossFit
2016 Open