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Posted on December 04, 2015 by Carlos

Why do some people come to training and ask me "What kind of torture do you have for me today?", while others ask "What are we going to work on today?". Why do some say "Time to suffer!" before beginning a workout, while others say "Time to get to work!". I'll tell you why. It is because of a difference in MIND SET!!!

Those who think of "torture" or "suffering", take the perspective of a victim. Something being done to them. Something inflicted upon them. Bear in mind, that these same people, come in to the gym seeking fitness improvement, nobody dragged them in and made them do it. I just will never understand this mentality. It is very counter productive. Coincidentally, those who take the perspective of working out being something to work on, something to practice, something to improve upon, always seem to be the ones who actually make improvements. Funny thing right?

So here's a thought. STOP PLAYING THE ROLE OF THE VICTIM when you come to train and just come in and try to get better. Otherwise stay home or stay somewhere else. Don't waste your time and money. Also, don't waste your coach's time so he or she can offer it to someone who actually wants coaching.


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