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What is Crossfit? The Sprinter,
The Gymnast and The Olympic Weightlifter

The program for individuals who wish to truly develop their athleticism.

Why CrossFit?
Complete Athleticism

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The Challenge

The 10 day challenge is CrossFit Geneva's introductory offering for those who want to get a taste of the CrossFit Geneva experience. Included is 1 Fitness Assessment session,
7 Foundational sessions and 2 Workout Of The Day sessions.

The Guarantee

If you attend all 10 sessions within 21 days, you will feel more athletic* or you will receive your money back.

To be athletic is defined as being vigorous, active, healthy, fit. Basically, by definition to be athletic is to be physically fit.

What is Crossfit

Exercises that mimic movements seen in everyday life, which stimulate your body neurologically and hormonally and which produce power.

The balanced approach

To be able to train to improve the 10 physical skills concurrently, requires a program that is broad and inclusive such as CrossFit. Any fitness regime which focuses on training an individual skill exclusively, contains within it a deficiency, due to its exclusion of training other skills. CrossFit is unique in that it requires a balanced approach to eliminate physical skill deficiencies. An example would be an athlete training for the decathlon. They might not be the fastest, but they are fast, they may not be the strongest, but they are strong, they may not jump the highest, but they jump high. They are balanced. They are cross-fit.

Athletic Development Program

CrossFit is a program for individuals who wish to truly develop their athleticism. The program objectives are to develop the physical capacities of a track sprinter, a gymnast and an Olympic weightlifter in efforts to become a physically fit overall athlete. In addition, there should be a desire to test their abilities in competition at lest at the amateur or recreational level.There needs to be a desire from the athlete to improve in performance. Although athletes will lose bodyfat if the program is followed, this is more than just a fat loss program. CrossFit is an athletic development program with a focus on improved performance.

Prove your

The intensity of CrossFit will force you to prove your fitness. This kind of training can be for anybody, but the reality is that most people do not have the mental or intestinal fortitude to see this program through. The combination of weightlifting, gymnastics, and sprint training done under the constraints of time will expose weaknesses in your overall level of physical fitness that you did not know you had.

Why 10 sessions?

10 sessions provides enough time to introduce the basics, make a baseline fitness assessment and give a person a complete taste of the program. Additionally, it is a good way to filter those who might be a good fit for a program, by committing to 10 sessions versus just 1.

Importance of athleticism

At CrossFit Geneva, the athletic journey begins by establishing an athletic portfolio. An athletic portfolio includes measurements of age, height, weight, body composition, absolute strength, relative strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, speed, power, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.
These athletic measurements are important because they are necessary attributes to have to be functional in everyday life. Besides age, every other measurement can be improved.

The CrossFit methodology can then be applied once a sufficient athletic portfolio has been established.

So how does CrossFit improve athleticism? Because performing constantly varied high intensity functional movements, such as in your athletic portfolio, ensures that you stay in your athletic prime.
What is CrossFit

The amateur Sprinter, Weightlifter, Gymnast combined.

CrossFit is a physical fitness philosophy and strength and conditioning program, which is unique in its delivery of its physical fitness methods. Combinations of exercises, repetitions, load and time frames are theoretically chosen randomly as if being selected out of a grab bag. The theoretical grab bag can contain as many possibilities as imagination will allow.

To be "CrossFit" is to be as proficient in as many of these random selections as possible. To simplify more,for example, imagine the capabilities of an amateur weightlifter, amateur gymnast and amateur track sprinter combined.

So...why CrossFit versus anything else?

Will you work?

The Crossfit program can be for everyone, since the benefits of athletic improvement can benefit anyone. However,the reality is that many people do not possess the necessary MENTAL FORTITUDE to pursue such goals.

I want to take
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The 10 physical skills

Cardiorespiratory Endurance.
Muscular Endurance.

This program is NOT for

People who do not like competitiveness at all...


Describes any of the 10 general physical skills foundational of CrossFit: Cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, strength, power, speed, agility, coordination, accuracy, balance.

This program is NOT for

People who are afraid of getting too big from weightlifting...

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Is it for you?

To be truly CrossFit is a great challenge that takes hard work. The CrossFit Games claims that the winner is the fittest on earth. Do you have what it takes to pursue elite fitness?
Is it for you?

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What is Crossfit
High-intensity exercise program that focuses on performing a variety of strength and aerobic exercises, ranging from push-ups to sprints to clean and jerks.

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This program is NOT for

People who are afraid of getting injured from weightlifting...

This program is NOT for

People who are afraid of getting calluses on their hands...

This program is NOT for

People who needs someone to CONSTANTLY motivate them...

This program is NOT for

People who give up as soon as things become hard...

This program is NOT for

People who do not care to learn new skills in order to improve...

This program is NOT for

People who not willing to do homework or train when traveling...

This program is NOT for

People who make excuses for not training or improving...

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